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Why Cropper Accountancy Corporation?

Cropper Accountancy Corporation is a boutique firm formed in 1986, primarily to provide audit, accounting and tax services to non-profit organizations and local governmental agencies.

We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We believe the key to our success can be summarized into three simple components.

Personalized Client Service Delivery

Unlike many firms, Cropper Accountancy strives to provide detailed partner interactions with each client interaction. This partner to staff ratio means that you will get the most value for your dollar and time. Client service partners perform all work in order to gain a detailed understanding of the client's business, build strong working relationships with management and the board, and ensure that all audit risks are properly addressed.

Our passion and enthusiasm for getting the job done is second only to listening to your needs.

Unique Staffing Model

In an industry fraught with high staff turnover, Cropper Accountancy stands out, as employees choose to stay with the firm for years, allowing clients and employees to build relationships. Continuity is as important to us as it is to our clients. It enables us to focus on substantive issues rather than start up concerns.

We believe that employees who know the organization's policies inside and out are key to proactive problem solving and identifying any irregularities in your financial reporting. 

Trusted Advisors

We have earned the trust of our clients through advice tailored to their circumstances. In fact, much of our new business is from referrals of current clients who tell their friends and colleagues about us.

We view your success as our success and are committed to providing services in a variety of sectors. 

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